Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Even Batman could still crime fight in my cowls

Hello and welcome to Yarn Over Mo. I've had a very busy summer and now that things have calmed down, I can start with the blog. Yarn Over Mo is about crafting with yarn whether it's knitting or crocheting or, as my 2 year old likes to do, wrap the yarn around the hook and pretend it's a cat. Meow! This is my time to share my projects with you and to share interesting projects that others have done from the Internets (yes, there are many of them).

I recently moved from Calgary to Ottawa with my husband, baby and pre-schooler. Anyone that has had to move with kids can attest that it's not an easy task. But we survived (barely) and have settled in our house in our lovely nation's capital. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for changes. My baby turned one last week and both boys have been settling into their new daycare. Of course this means my maternity leave is over but since my (former) company closed down our office in Calgary, my bittersweet "return to work" day ended up being a week of dealing with HR and my separation from the company. I like to compare it to having your boyfriend break up with you. I didn't get fired per se, my team was "dissolved" and I know longer had a place in the company. It's been a tough week for me trying to see the glass as half full. Finding work is a demoralizing task that I've always hated.

The good news in all this is that I've found time to organize some of my yarn and begin to design and create projects. It's getting colder in the mornings so it's time for the winter accessories. I was shopping last week and a woman told me that the schools no longer allow children to wear scarves to school. I made a funny scrunched up face thinking, kids have been wearing scarves for centuries and now the schools decide they are dangerous. So my head started to think (just like Winnie the Pooh) and I've designed a very simple crocheted cowl. Easy to slip over the head of a moving child but snug enough to stay on and not get caught in the playground equipment.

Adult medium sized cowl with floral accent

Nice and drapy

I  made two different sizes of cowls: one for kids and one for adults. But I ended up liking the kids size for me since I hate having to tuck in extra fabric into my coat.

Here's a child/adult small size cowl:

I love the bright fuchsia flower on this child-sized cowl

Now not to forget about the demographic that doesn't like pink, purple, or flowers, I've made some simple cowls.

Royal blue cowl with taupe finish, size child

What I look like in the morning before my tea & breakfast.

To give it a tweed effect, I used one strand of blue with one strand of white. Each edge is finished in a different colour so if you can reverse the cowl to show off the colour you like the most.

Blue/white tweed cowl in child size

I'm editing the pattern right now and testing it to make sure there are no errors in it but as soon as it's done, I'll post it for free so you can make your neck all cozy and warm.

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