Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My goal this year is to get rid of all the UFOs in my storage bins. I wish I could remember where I first heard this acronym (and give them the credit for creating it). UFOs stands for Un-Finished Objects. I'm sure most crafters out there have a bin (or bins) that contains projects that were started with lots of passion and determination but soon ended up half-finished. When I make a sweater, I'm notorious for getting bored by the time I have to make the sleeves. This is why I either a) do them first; and/or b) do both of them at the same time. The worse thing for a knitter is picking up a sweater that has been sitting unfinished for months, completing the other sleeve only to discover that the gauge and tension of your knitting is just a bit off. Blerg!!!

So I, Yarn Over Mo, promise to finish at least one UFO before I start a new project. And I know the perfect one to finish. I have to sew Shawn's head to the body and finish 3 more legs. Then a scarf to match since it's cold out there in the grass.

Shawn the Sheep - UFO

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