Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let them eat cake!

A few of my friends are getting married in the next year and that gave me some inspiration for my latest project. As a Chinese person, I normally give cash instead of a formal wedding present. We put the cash, usually red $50 bills, in a lucky red envelope and hand this to the bride and groom. My father likes to say, why would someone give another useless toaster when they can have cash or gold.

Lucky red envelope

Sometimes, I would put the lucky red envelope into a regular envelope with a card.


So I thought to myself, why not create a new way to blend fun into some double happiness! Yes I say!!! After a few designs, drawings, and strange looking samples, I finally came up with something that I think everyone would love.

Doodles of ideas for the cake

I introduce to you the Double Happiness Wedding Cake. It's a 3-tiered, square cake with a special lucky red envelope at the base. The great thing about this cake is that you can personalize it to the wedding. I like to take the colours and designs from the wedding invitation and add it to the cake. I tried to add flowers but my yarn was too big. I may try with some DMC embroidery floss or even hot-glue gun some ribbon ones on.

Double Happiness Wedding Cake with purple flowers

Double Happiness stitched at the bottom of the cake

If you squeeze open the double happiness embroidered bottom, you'll find something very special waiting for you.

What could it be?
Good luck money!

Hopefully I can post the pattern in the next few days. I made a lot of it up as I was crocheting so now it's time to document it on something other than a little notepad.

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